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A silver Aggie award for our game "Not Another Weekend"!

We are very happy to anounce that our game "Not Another Weekend" co-developed with Dead Blue Friends and published by Dionous games, has won the Silver Aggie award "Time Well Spent" at! Such an honor!


+15 Years Animatic Vision: creating projects

Back in 2006, a new dream started called Animatic Vision. A dream that would become the home for many original Projects and business plans. It was not easy, and it remains so after many years, despite the successes and our positive mood, but we do not give up and raise the bar.

To thank my main collaborator in all this, Akis Melachris, without whose contribution we would not have done so many beautiful things, and of course my close collaborators Michalis Toris, Loukas Mexis, Michalis Loukianos, George Komiotis, Theodoros Zikos, Thanasis Mitropoulos, Giannis Panoutsopoulos, Vassilis Koutsomitros, Dimitris Kasdaglis, Miltos Karpodini, Theodore Koutra, Catalina loana Nistor, Katerina Vamvasaki, Costa Foutsidis, Nota Melissaropoulos, Niki Konstantopoulou, who have always supported so many ideas!


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May 2021

***Our game "Not Another Weekend" is out!***

Hello people! After a long period of gametesting and refreshing our game, we are finally there! We are happy to announce that our game is out by Dionous games! You can find it on the STEAM marketplace here: