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April 2021

"Not Another Weekend" Release date!

Hello people! After a long period of gametesting and refreshing our game, we are finally there! Our game will be released on the 20th of May 2021 at STEAM marketplace! Wishlist it here:

Release Art.jpg

March 2021


New animated video "TELE... HAPPY - The tricks of distance education" in collaboration with the Theatrical Workshop for Children and Adolescents DI.PE.THE. Patras and the Public Benefit Enterprise of the Municipality of Patras (KEDIP) - Carnival of Patras. Recording / Sound Editing / Music: Sakis Bastas, friendly participation in Animation: Mike Toris

farsa4_ HD-sandra.png

January 2021

Fousekis animated is back!

Animatic vision creative is on fire! More cartoons coming in 2021, starting with a new animated phone prank by the 90s legend "Fousekis"! Subscribe to our Youtube Channel and keep an eye out for more animated content every month! We hope we can keep you entertained, through these grim times we live in!