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Mosquito freepress magazine 2005-2006

Mosquito magazine begun as a funny idea by George Melissaropoulos and Kostas Giannopoulos. Later with the help of the artist Christos Tsakalos it became an original Freepress that was published in the city of Patras. The purpose of the magazine was to inform people about comics, movies, music and video games .

Mosquito web magazine 2007-2009

In 2006 the freepress magazine Mosquito stopped its monthly and some months later it became a web magazine by George Melissaropoulos who was the designer and director. Mosquito magazine became an animated flipbook using the new technology of Macromedia flash, a pioneer for its time. The magazine continued for two years, with most of its content being "taboo issues" but treated with humor. The main contributors to the magazine was George Melissaropoulos, Niki Konstantopoulou and Loukas Mexis.

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