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The Animatic Team

Animatic Vision creative studio

Animatic vision is a creative office, that started in Patras, Greece in 2006. The office begun by winning the “business award” in the competition held by the “Prefectural Professional Growth”of Patras in 2006, stating it's independent style and innovative artwork. It was founded by George Melissaropoulos (a.k.a "Meliss") a well known comic book artist and animator. In 2008 Akis Melachris, also well known for his comics and animated works joined the team sharing his ideas and talent. The office has created many advertisements & websites, original concepts, illustrations and animation, web projects, comics, cartoons and games.

George Melissaropoulos:
founder/ general manager & art director, animation, game design,

concepts,comics, illustration
Akis Melachris:
art director, animation, concepts, storyboards, comics, illustration


Mike Toris: coloring, animation

George Komiotis: illustration

Miltos Karpodinis: animation - video art

Michalis Loukianos: animation

Catalina loana Nistor: coloring

Kostas Foutsidis: illustration

Dimkas: illustration

Katerina Vamvasaki: coloring


Theodoros Zikos: web/flash game developing, hardware,

software, ex-retail manager

Athanasios Mitropoulos: web developing

JohnPan: web/flash game developing


Niki Konstantopoulou: French to Greek Translator, editor,

creative consulting

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